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18 Seat Minibus Hire

Our large 18 Seat Minibus Hire in Leeds is one of its kind featuring all the luxury products it seats 17 passengers comfortably with an enjoyable smooth journey. Ideally used for large groups this bus speaks it for itself. Luxury seating with plenty of leg room, luggage racks and top of the range entertainment sound system. These minibuses are really a show up of comfort together with class.

The 18 seat minibus hire Leeds are in their own one of a kind class and there is no other brand of minibuses that can be stood out from them. Furthermore, a far-reaching scope of further changes and overhauls, USB charging attachments, onboard Wi-Fi, traveller excitement frameworks, CCTV/Dash Camera combination. Book your journey with Leeds 18 seat minibus hire.

In view of a high determination Trend form of the Mk8 Transit T460 17 situate processing plant minibus stage with extravagances, for example, double zone cooling, front and backstopping sensors, tinted windows, overhead gear racks with perusing lights, leaning back seats, voyage control, Bluetooth, twin frontal airbags and metallic paint. The Mobitec Destination Board is of huge measurements and exceptionally unmistakable in every light condition, the unit is introduced behind glass in a bespoke weatherproof case situated over the drivers taxi, and can be controlled from a board inside the vehicle and enables programming both ahead of time to suit different courses utilizing committed PC programming (transfer by means of USB) or on the fly as required.

The Stedall ASD1 Powered Sliding Side Door Utilizing a calm electric engine situated behind the inside trim boards to control a chain inside the slider rail that quickly opens and shuts the entryway at the push of either a dash-mounted catch or utilizing the included remote coxcomb. The framework likewise uses an end caution, has an outer crisis discharge and initiates the processing plant introduced avoid at the same time. This outstanding amongst other 18 seater minibuses in Leeds.

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